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Pain Managment
Chronic Pain, Impingement in Upper Back
Jenna Howe
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Victoria, BC

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Brenda 's Story

Medical condition/Conditions?: fybromialgia, vasculitis, injuries due to car accidents, instability in hips, IBS, chronic pain, impingement in upper back

Symptoms you are experiencing?: chronic pain, mobility issues suicidal thoughts, diarhea, bleeding stomache ulcers, nectrotic flesh on legs

How long have you been living with this condition?: some 22 years, some 10

What is your current quality of life? Please explain.: unable to do basic things like wash my own hair, walk to the store or do my own laundry, unable to eat easily or sleep for more than 4 hours

What treatments are you currently receiving?: bowen therapy with Jenna

What is your current financial ability?: after bills and groceries I have about $30 left each month

What are your current conditions? This includes family, life, work, etc... How are you managing?:
I have a suite in my friend's home where the rent is reduced, and they help me out with cooking and caring for myself.
Work is limited to 10 minutes at a time and I volunteer for it. I help my friend with her stained glass. I really enjoy it, but it causes too much pain. Other work like driving the van for the food back is now impossible due to the pain.

I am on PWD.

I see my brother once or twice a month. we have a reasonably good relationship. The rest of my family is not in town, and not supportive.

I have a few friends I can rely on in a pinch, but no real financial support.

How will this treatment impact Brenda 's life?

Manage chronic pain

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Brenda Smith

★★★★★ — 5 Stars

I went from not being able to walk about or do much of anything to being able to function again. Jenna is wonderful to work with and the NWA runs a fabulous program! Thank you!

5 months ago