Quinn #39 in The Medium Q

Nerufeedback Sessions
Bipolar II Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder
DRW Neuroperformance
Neurofeedback Training Rental Unit - 1 month
Surrey, BC

$550.00 of $1,100.00 funded

Quinn's Story

Having suffered from frequent, long-lasting bouts of severe depression since childhood I was finally diagnosed in 2015 with Bipolar II Disorder. Fortunately for me, my disorder responded quite well to pharmacotherapy and with the help of my friends and family I have been able to make steady progress in managing it through my medication regimen and lifestyle changes. I've put a lot of distance between the lows I used to experience and these days I enjoy a stability in both my mood and my day-to-day life that I never thought possible.

But I still grapple with certain challenges and I am interested in adding neurofeedback training to my expanding inventory of tools for keeping the illness under control and becoming as happy and productive as possible. Thank you for your consideration. - Quinn

How will this treatment impact Quinn's life?

I believe neurofeedback training will help me to manage the symptoms of my disorder and improve my functioning and effectiveness.

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