Kathleen #32 in The Micro Q

Virtual Reality and Biofeedback
Anxiety, Depression, stress
Estimated Funding Date July 4, 2020
Sano State Health Clinic
Edmonton, AB

$126.00 of $180.00 funded

  • Kathleen's Story

    I have a long history of anxiety and now more recently depression. I grew up with my brother trying to hurt himself and commit suicide multiple times. This has been a huge cause of my anxiety.

    Now being an adult married and living on our own. I am having issues with money, marriage, health, and drugs.

    I had a miscarriage back in 2017 which led to other health issues where I was diagnosed in July 2018 with rare chronic blood cancer. Since this, I have recently found out my husband has a severe cocaine addiction and drained our bank accounts to feed this habit. I am now working to get my finances back on track and being able to pay our bills again from all of this.

    I work in a high pressure, high-stress job and I am now having difficulties managing my own state of mind. I'm looking into anything and everything I can do on my own that is within my own control to help myself for the better.

    How will this treatment impact Kathleen's life?

    I went for the free consultation and was very impressed with this technology and the results they have seen. I am looking to find positive ways to help increase my motivation, manage my stress levels and feeling like I am able to keep going every day.

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