Anika #17 in The Small Q

Parasites and intestinal infection, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and migraines
Maria Payne Boorman
Prior Approval
Victoria, BC

$200.00 of $500.00 funded

Anika's Story

I've had pain and insomnia all my life with monthly 3 day long bed-ridden migraines since my teens. Since a car accident in 2007, I haven't pooped without laxatives and enemas or been able to work. This has led to a serious parasitic infection in my intestines.
Parasites and intestinal infection due to a blocked intestine since a car accident in 2007. This as well as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which is a mutant gene preventing collagen production. This has had me bed-ridden with 3-day long monthly migraines since my teens.

How will this treatment impact Anika's life?

This service is helping to eradicate the parasites and rebuild my gut so I can digest and eliminate food.

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