Lynda #37 in The Micro Q

Bowen Therapy
Scoliosis and Body Trauma and Depression
B-Well Bowenworks/Melanye Walker
Bowen Follow-up Chemainus 60 mins
Nanaimo, BC

$26.40 of $88.00 funded

Lynda's Story

I have an arthritic hip and impacted Scolios and can't take pain meds, as I take the drug Nardil for server depression. A family member took my inheritance so \i'm left with very little money, no assets, just a pension,

I am in extreme pain primarily from scoliosis, lower back pain, and arthritic hip, so much pain that it makes me weep. My neck and shoulders are also in pain. All this compounded by my having MDD, that is an extremely intense form of Depression

How will this treatment impact Lynda's life?

It will allow me to at least partially live again, to wash the dishes, to drive, to do laundry and to be able to sleep.

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