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Severe depression/anxiety caused by histamine in CNS para-sympathetic NS stuck in sympathetic mode brain chemestry
Estimated Funding Date July 27, 2020
Vital Health Naturopathic Clinic
Initial Visit
Sherwood Park, AB

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  • Sharlene's Story

    My symptoms: suicide because the depression that it causes, as stated by the research histamine in the CNS causes a very dark, aggressive depression with sufferers being at a 50% risk of suicide. I know this to be true. I actively pursuing PAD (Physician Assisted Dying) with Dignitas in Switzerland before getting treatment by a naturopath doctor at Vital Health Clinic in Sherwood Park, AB.

    Imbalance/Incoordination to the point that I was falling into walls or furniture when walking. Severe insomnia to where it was at its worst. Only had 5.5 nights sleep in 2.5 months. Sleep deprivation is used as torture in war, just to show you how horrible this has been.

    Breathing problems. heart palpitations, ongoing terror and fear that never goes away no matter how many Ativans u take. This due to the fact that the histamine is attacking your brain in the same way that histamine attacks the respiratory system during anaphylaxic shock.

    The ongoing feeling of dread, extreme fear, severe insomnia, severe depression that causes the sufferer to become suicidal. These symptoms never stop until the histamine is off the brain.

    Prior to becoming ill- I worked as an R/N for 30 years.

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    This may literally save my life.

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