Suzanne Fully Funded

Exercise Therapy
Chronic Pain Syndrome
Bliss Pilates & Hayden Fitness Studio
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British Columbia, BC

$605.87 of $402.48 funded

  • Suzanne 's Story

    In 2016 I suffered a Trumatic motor vehicle accident where I was hit from behind and 80 km an hour and propelled into the car in front of me. As a result of this injury, I have suffered a significant lumbar spine injury, and by brain injury. This is had an impact on my cognitive and physical ability to function and focus. For me the absolute key is to keep my body moving and stretching to maintain the function that I do have left. This is my new 100. It also provides an amazing social outlet versus isolation at home. Under the safety of a professional and therapeutic environment, I am able to get the support that I need to. Thank you for your amazing support!

    How will this treatment impact Suzanne 's life?

    Allows me to help strengthen my core and work on balance for my lumbar spine injury. Promotes me getting out of the house for a social situation versus isolation. An indoor therapeutic opportunity as we are a winter snow climate in Vernon with ice conditions

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