K. #28 in The Medium Q

Hellerwork for structural alignment
Scoliosis and body trauma
Estimated Funding Date December 19, 2020
Island Hellerwork and Counselling
Previous Funding Request
Duncan and Victoria, BC

$605.00 of $1,210.00 funded

  • K.'s Story

    I have survived prolonged trauma, though it left it's mark. Since then I developed scoliosis which causes increasing pain and difficulty in managing my day to day life. I work as much as I can but due to my physical limitations, I don't earn very much and struggle to manage. I do the best I can for my daughter and I while also trying to go to school so I can provide better in the future.

    How will this treatment impact K.'s life?

    I have scoliosis and try to function every day working as a cleaner to put myself through school and care for myself and my daughter.

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