Lisa #34 in The Medium Q

Nerufeedback Sessions
Depression, Severe Anxiety, OCD, Addiction
Two Minds Training
20 Neuro Feedback Sessions
Vancouver, BC

$650.00 of $1,300.00 funded

Lisa's Story

I have been struggling for a few years with Depression and Anxiety. 2.5 years ago, I was going through a very messy divorce, my mom passed away, and two weeks prior to that my beloved dog of 13 years passed away. This was a very big blow on my life, all happening with in a few weeks of each other. Ever Since, I have been in and out of Depression, and also with Anxiety, which can be quite over powering in my life. I try very hard to stay up. But some days even the smallest things will bring it on. Both do disrupt my Job, Social life, Home life and also my relationships. I do not want to be taking pills everyday. Neuro feed back is a way for me to balance all of this out naturally where I can Live a normal life again.

How will this treatment impact Lisa's life?

This service will impact my life immensely, help me stay on track with my life, not fall into depression for weeks, Manage my Anxiety, which in turn will help me handle my work load better, and stressful situations in my life. I am also hoping this will help me with my Addiction to smoking.

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