Annete #36 in The Micro Q

Craniosacral Therapy
Severe Chronic Neck Pain
Estimated Funding Date July 6, 2020
Cowichan Valley Craniosacral
Craniosacral Therapy Intake Appointment
Duncan, BC

$18.75 of $125.00 funded

  • Annete's Story

    In the last 2.5 years I had a series of injuries to my body, neck, ankle, wrists and ended up with chronic pain in all of those areas.
    My medical EI benefits have run out a week ago and since I,m not well enough o go back to work ,I decided to take more time off from work and live on my savings for a few more months. i live a very frugal lifestyle and hope to be off for at least 3 more months. I'm taking care of myself by doing restorative yoga and guided meditations to improve my health and a lot o people have told me about the benefits of craniosacral therapy and i would really appreciate to be able to try it, thank you!

    How will this treatment impact Annete's life?

    I'm hoping to reduce the level of pain that I have and maybe resolve some underlying emotional issues.

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