Carolin Fully Funded

Exerise Therapy
Meningioma Brain Tumour, several strokes during brain tumour surgery, and visual impairment
Equality Fitness & Recreation
Previous Funding Request
Edmonton, AB

$1,450.70 of $1,007.00 funded

  • Carolin's Story

    My life changed significantly since the diagnosis of my brain tumour - the physical challenges I am facing at the age of 51, I anticipated experiencing in my 80s, and 90s, not at this young age. This has been a difficult journey to re-learn and develop myself again - physically, mentally and emotionally. Being physically active makes me feel better and stronger in all areas of my life.

    How will this treatment impact Carolin's life?

    Exercise Therapy and supplemental wellness services will provide me a positive frame of reference to ensure I am taking care of my physical, emotional and mental well being. By being more physically well and active, I will be more able to work to the extent of my own abilities. Being physically active will also increase my ability to cope better with the mental and emotional challenges I face with my impairment on a daily basis. It will help me feel strong and gain the confidence back in my body.

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