Adam #28 in The Large Q

Counselling Sessions
Estimated Funding Date February 19, 2021
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
Relapse Prevention Program - 20 hours
Regina, SK

$115.00 of $1,155.00 funded

  • Adam's Story

    Gambling has taken me down to the bottom, and I can’t go any lower. Right now, I am unemployed, I sold my work equipment to get gambling money. I have accumulated over $90,000 in debt. I’m about to lose my apartment and my car. My family has cut me off because I lied and cheated them for money. Two weeks ago, I attempted to commit suicide. I ended up in the hospital and I am now doing a mental health program as well as treatment for gambling. I have tried many times over the years to clean up but failed each time.

    Susan Ulmer Counselling is the only addictions service in Regina that deals with gambling addictions and it is conducted by a lady who was a gambler and has been clean now for 27 years. Susan Ulmer has worked with addicts for 25 years and I believe she can help me.

    How will this treatment impact Adam's life?

    This program will give me the skills to recognize the triggers that could lead to a relapse and help me to stay clean.

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