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PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia
Neuro Bliss
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Maple Bay, BC

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  • Lynnea's Story

    My name is Lynnea and I am 21 years old. I started having panic attacks when I was age 12 and I was competing in figure skating. My anxiety worsened as I progressed through middle school to high school, eventually resulting in my doctor prescribing me anti-depressants when I was 17. I took the anti-depressants for a short time because the symptoms seemed to go away. Although I've still experienced levels of anxiety and insomnia since then. I was recently in a car accident that ignited my anxiety and insomnia to extreme heights where I had to take time off work from my pizza delivery job. I've been living with my parents due to debilitating anxiety that has prevented me from moving forward.

    How will this treatment impact Lynnea's life?

    This service will impact my life by hopefully reducing the PTSD I have been experiencing since my car accident, and alleviate the anxiety I have felt for years and help me sleep better

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