Kelly #42 in The Micro Q

Massage, Acupuncture
MS, Soft tissue injuries and PTSD
Estimated Funding Date July 4, 2020
Kamloops Osteopathy
Initial Osteopathic Treatment 60 min Offered by Imogen and Paul
Kamloops, BC

$48.60 of $90.00 funded

  • Kelly 's Story

    In 2015 I was injured in a MVA caused by another driver. I sustained a serious concussion, developed PTSD and suffered soft tissue injuries. I lost my business, and my livlihood, and was unable to work for almost 3 years. A year later we lost our home in a fire, and then last year I started experiencing neurological symptoms that lead to the diagnosis of MS. I have accumulated $40,000 in debt assuming I would be able to return to normal and be able to support myself again. My Neurologist has indicated that I will likely never be able to return to work full time and would prefer me to not be working at all but I haven't been able to get onto disability. It has been extremely difficult to ask for assistance. I used to be a business owner who worked more than 40hrs/week and have always been able to support myself. I remain hopeful that if I can properly care for myself that I can tolerate more work and dig myself out of debt before I am permanently disabled.

    How will this treatment impact Kelly 's life?

    Because of MS and injuries sustained prior to the onset of MS including a concussion, I have been suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasticity, extreme fatigue, and frequent migraines. Accupuncture would help alleviate some of these symptoms and allow me to function more normally. My goal is to manage symptoms enough to allow me to work more so I can support myself which I currently cannot do. Not being able to afford the therapies I need to manage my conditions prevents me from working enough to earn the income I need to be able to afford to take care of myself so I have seen a decline in my health due to that. My hope is that through this organization and the treatments I need being covered that I will start to see an improvement in my quality of life and potentially prevent/slow down the progression of my disease.

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