Jonathan #29 in The Medium Q

Counselling Sessions
This treatment will help me to learn the triggers that could lead to a relapse and how to prevent a relapse.
Estimated Funding Date January 27, 2021
Susan Ulmer Addiction Services
Relapse Prevention Program - 20 hours
Regina, SK

$288.75 of $1,155.00 funded

  • Jonathan's Story

    I have two children, a girl aged 15 and a boy age 7. I currently have visits with my son, but not with my daughter. Because of my drinking I have lost my job, am in financial difficulties, and have not been able to see my daughter. I need treatment to be able to learn my triggers to prevent a relapse so that I can rebuild my life and become a functioning member of society once again.

    How will this treatment impact Jonathan's life?

    This service will give me the opportunity to get the treatment that I need to prevent a relapse of my addiction and to be able to rebuild my life.

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