Julie Fully Funded

Anxiety, depresssion, and addiction issues
Cowichan Valley Craniosacral
Craniosacral Therapy Package 5 Sessions
Duncan, BC

$87.50 of $125.00 funded

  • Julie 's Story

    I was born in Malawi, Africa to South African parents in 1980. My family left South Africa in 1987 due to Apartheid and various related safety issues. We landed in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta). My parents tried their best but our family life was riddled with chaos, stress, emotional/verbal abuse, and some physical violence.

    By the time I was 15 years I was regularly drinking and experimenting with drugs. I felt lost and afraid. I struggled with daily existence. I’m now 38 and nothing has changed, except drugs and alcohol no longer play a central role in my life.
    I got married when I was 25.

    After a suicide attempt, I spent 5 months in a drug and alcohol treatment centre when I was 30 years old and my husband and I relocated to Vancouver Island. I was no longer engulfed in alcohol or drugs but all the mental health problems that pushed me to seek refuge were still present.

    I became a mother when I was 34. My husband worked away from home at the time. I struggled enormously with being a mom and being alone with no family or close friends close by. When my daughter Mila was six months old she was diagnosed with a congenital birth defect (which thankfully is largely cosmetic) and around the same time I was diagnosed with skin cancer. The combination of the stress of taking care of a child alone and these two blows (though I recognize it could have been much worse and many people deal with much worse) were more than my limited coping skills allowed me to handle.

    As I couldn’t safely take care of my Mila, my husband got a job in Victoria so he could be home at night. He did this at a great cost to his career and income. For this he resents me greatly and there is constant strain between us. He is adamant that I return to work full time, which I intend on doing as soon as I’m able.

    I’m so stuck and despite medication, counselling, countless self help books, I can’t seem to find my way out. I do not have the financial means to access treatment options outside of government counselling and pharmaceutical medication. Neither of which has proven to help me.

    I’m so so desperate to be well for Mila and be the mother and guide that she deserves and of course be able to return to work. Like I said before, I feel very hopeful that craniosacral therapy holds the key I’ve been looking for to make this a reality for myself and Mila.

    How will this treatment impact Julie 's life?

    After having one craniosacral session with Christinia of Cowichan Valley Craniosacral I feel hopefull it may be the key I've been looking for to achieve a sense of wellness in my life. I've struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction issues since adolescents. I've tried many different types of medication, counselling, and treatment centres. I live in an almost constant state of unease and fear. I'm a mother to a four and half year old and know if I don't come to a place of balance and wellness soon, this will surely be the legacy of my daughter as well. I cannot afford this treatment on my own, not even close. I feel fairly certain that being able to access craniosacral treatments will not only impact my life but that of my daughter's as well. It will break the cycle, which is my main hope.

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