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Cranio Sacral Treatments
Head injuries, concussion, headache, neck, back and vision problems.
Estimated Funding Date December 4, 2020
Cowichan Valley Craniosacral
Craniosacral Therapy Package 5 Sessions
Duncan, BC

$62.50 of $625.00 funded

  • John's Story

    I was almost killed in a construction accident at a negligently run worksite on September 08, 2014 where they dropped a massive beam on my head from the ceiling above at a condominium project. Worksafe will not cover me for compensation or treatment and instead has subjected me to seemingly endless appeals for the past 4 years. The employer should have been charged with criminal negligence. My only income is Old Age Pension as I am 66.

    How will this treatment impact John's life?

    I have ongoing moderate to severe head injuries.

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