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Myalgic Encephalomylitis (ME/CFS)
Estimated Funding Date August 9, 2020
Pacific Osteopathy
Single Appointment
North Saanich, BC

$49.50 of $110.00 funded

  • Anthea's Story

    I have a BA and MIPM. I was working as a Personnel and Training Manager in Scotland, At the age of 34 I had resigned and started working part-time as a Consultant. At the age of 36 I was unable to continue en my health began to deteriorate even further. I was diagnosed as having ME. I attempted to "rest" as advised as their was no other treatment (and still isn't) for ME. I began to feel a little better and by the age of 34 I was able to provide Personnel services from home for a small company. Eventually my then husband and I decided that having visited my sister on Vancouver Island, we would leave the cold of Scotland and move. The one thing I felt unable to leave behind in Scotland were 3 Irish Draughts horses (and a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier dog). As ever my mind was unable to do nothing and the following year after emmigrating I created a North American Irish Draught Horse Society. The parent society in Ireland and the society in Great Britian of which I was a member, gave me support. Starting from nothing the Society is now in it's 26th year. However my health began to deteriorate (despite the warmer weather !) and I eventually had to accept i could no longer be actively involved. I continued attempting temporary part time work and from home, volunteer work for various organisations as a treasurer. My brain as well as my levels of energy needing to travel to work made me have to give all that up. About 7 years ago even the volunteer work I had to give up. The last 3 years my level of energy physical and mental finds myself mostly housebound accept for medical appointments, which my good friend drives me to, makes meals and generally tries to keep me sane !

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