Nasstasia #63 in The Micro Q

Fibromyalgia, Autism, PMDD, CPTSD, anxiety, depression
Estimated Funding Date August 6, 2020
Victoria Natural Healing Clinic
Acupuncture Session
Victoria, BC

$45.00 of $90.00 funded

  • Nasstasia's Story

    I come from an upbringing of extreme, ongoing trauma & abuse, and intergenerational poverty. I have no family support, as both my parents abandoned me and lived a life of crime & addiction. They both physically and emotionally abused me. I managed to earn a diploma as a Mental Health & Addictions worker at 29 years old, and made a small career as a musician, but I had to quit it all because of my health, and go on disability. I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, CPTSD, PMDD, and then autism just this year. I have an extremely sensitive neurobiology, and experience radiating pain all through my spine, back, shoulders, hips, knees, etc, on an ongoing basis. I've tried many different treatments and medications, and nothing worked for the long term or was sustainable. I try very hard to take care of myself and am very self-aware, but I am still barely managing. All of my conditions are interrelated, and each exacerbates the other, which is why I need a whole body healing system like TCM to holistically treat these conditions.
    I've also been very slowly working towards my first undergraduate degree, taking one course at a time, and I have big goals and dreams I still want to accomplish. I don't want to be so disabled at only 36 years old, as I feel so much of my life has already been taken from me because of trauma, and undiagnosed autism, CPTSD, etc. I want to move forward and heal and accomplish a life I can be proud of. But being on disability and having no family support, I can't afford to heal all on my own, regardless of how much I try. This funding would mean the world to me; it would mean I could live.

    How will this treatment impact Nasstasia's life?

    I've been seeing Dr. Zhuang with student funding (I'm p/t disabled student) for 3 weeks, but funding has run out. She has made is possible for me to function better than I have in many years, but she says I must continue treatment for the long term in order for it to truly be effective. In the last 3 weeks I've had a significant reduction in my severe, chronic pain, anxiety, and other symptoms. Nothing else offered by Western medicine has helped me this much. She also helped me get off opiate pain medication which I never thought i'd be able to do. If I can't see her anymore I'm afraid I'll have to go back to using prescription opiates to manage my symptoms, which I really don't want to do. With her healing treatments, I feel capable of completely my first degree at 36 years old, whereas before I was too debilitated to continue with school.

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