Jessica #56 in The Micro Q

Estimated Funding Date June 27, 2020
Sano State Health Clinic
Edmonton, AB

$108.00 of $180.00 funded

  • Jessica's Story

    My parents divorced when I was 5, and the series of events that came after left me in an extremely fearful, anxious, and with severr panic attacks. At 19, I was diagnosed with anxiety and had no clue about what mental illness was. I went home and read all about anxiety, depression, and all the other mental disorders; it all made sense. What I was experiencing since 5 years old was the lack of adequate mental support and wellness. I know now that was I was experiencing all along were severe panic attacks. At 19, I visited the doctor because I thought I was experiencing heart problems. I know now what the physical and mental discomfort was that I felt since 5. I was put on effector and though it helped the panic attacks, it came with a load of unpleasant side effects. The anxiety never went away. A couple years later I came off effector but still suffered from anxiety...the panic attacks also returned. My husband and I had our first child and 4 months, I was diagnosed with debilitating post partum depression. My doctor prescribed me zoloft, which helped me emmensely. Since then, my husband and I welcomed 2 more children. As a stay at home mother of 3 young kids, I often find it very challenging to manage the anxiety and panic attacks. I struggle daily. I struggle to not let the anxiety come in between my family. At 31, I know, with every ounce of me, that neurofeedback will help me to no longer face anxiety and the panic attacks. I have come a long way using daily affirmations, visualization, hopefully thinking, counseling, and meditation. I believe neurofeedback will help my family and I. I believe that I can and will be better. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. My Neurofeedback cost plus consulting appointments cost $3200 and I have a $1000 budget. I appreciate your time and your help.

    How will this treatment impact Jessica's life?

    I truly believe that I will be a happier person and a better member of society. I will be a better mother, wife, and friend.

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