Wendy #82 in The Micro Q

Manual Osteopathy treatment sessions
chronic neck & shoulder pain migraine headaches
Estimated Funding Date September 6, 2020
Tl-369 | Turner Inc.
Extended Subsequent Visit 60 mins
Shuswap, Nanimo, Kamloops, and Kelowna, BC

$68.04 of $126.00 funded

  • Wendy's Story

    A lifetime of alignment issues & debilitating headaches due to a sledding accident at the age of 10. I want to enjoy my life & family. Remain physically active without chronic pain. I currently care full-time for a busy 18 month-old and desire to be mobile, flexible & as pain-free as possible so I can be a joyful and agile mother, wife & care-giver.

    How will this treatment impact Wendy's life?

    Peter's treatments assist to keep my body mobile, in alignment which greatly reduces pain

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