Alison Fully Funded

Massage, Accupuncturer
Parkinsons and Depression
Victoria, BC

$488.00 of $650.00 funded

  • Alison's Story

    I have had Parkinson's for many years and have seen a change in my health over the last several years. I am now working less and less, and managing to live on my own at this time.

    My work as a spiritual counsellor, Shematic Practitioner helps me to help others, and includes spiritual counselling with readings and teaching. I have been doing many of theses over the the last many year - and they are good tools for helping people and something that I really enjoy. However my condition, has had an impact on my ability to work, and more recently I have been working on a Part time basis.

    How will this treatment impact Alison's life?

    This treatment will help to be able to settle my nervous system, so that I am not as stiff and shaky, helps to feel like you are moving more smoothly. I have had previous treatments with Elissa, and know that the work she does benefits my overall health and I look forward to being able to become more active again.

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