Kelly #46 in The Small Q

Pilates for Stretching
Concussion Recovery and Mobility
Estimated Funding Date March 3, 2021
Centred Pilates Studio
Private Pilates Sessions Package of 8
Vernon, BC

$120.96 of $504.00 funded

  • Kelly 's Story

    Recovery from multiple concussions, physical mobility and balance.

    How will this treatment impact Kelly 's life?

    As an retired olympic athlete I am recovering from multiple concussions. I have been working with Shawn at Bliss Pilates, and found that his private pilates sessions, have been a huge contribution to my recovery and maintenance of my physical mobility and independence. If I can't move, I miss out on other opportunities in life, and it impacts other parts of my life like depression etc. The doctors have said that depression is part of the recovery from a car accident 5 years ago that has changed my life significantly.

    The mobility is an important part of maintaining my independence and active life.

    I am able to include this with a physio sessions through the month as well.

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