Keilih Fully Funded

Acupuncture and herbs
Chronic fatigue
Victoria Natural Healing Clinic
Combinaton of Two Different Therapies
Victoria, BC

$95.00 of $95.00 funded

  • Keilih's Story

    After a severe viral ear infection accompanied by a temporary loss of hearing and vertigo in March , 2017, I was left with some dizziness and extreme fatigue. Chantelle Zuang has been working with me since May of 2017 with acupuncture and herbs to rebalance my energy systems. I feel much better after acupuncture treatments and after taking the daily herbs. I still have ups and downs as I investigate the reasons why I am not regaining my energy, but Chinese Medicine has been the most beneficial program to date.

    How will this treatment impact Keilih's life?

    Very important to regaining my health; the herbs and acupuncture give me energy and balance

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