Heather #53 in The Small Q

IBS, Kidney Yin Deficiency (AKA lowlife force energy), Stress
Estimated Funding Date May 3, 2021
Balance Point Acupuncture and Wellness
Acupuncture 5 Treatment Package
Duncan, BC

$208.65 of $535.00 funded

  • Heather's Story

    For the last 6 years, my health hit an all time low - I have suffered with severe anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, leaky gut, IBS and autoimmune symptoms. Living with these symptoms have affected my quality of life to the point that I haven't been able to hold a steady job, adequately provide for my family, play with my son or participate in many of the activities that once brought me great joy. Experimenting with diet after diet, I am finding that I can barely eat anything without having some kind of allergic or immune reaction - which makes eating a point of HIGH stress. After finally committing to letting EVERYTHING else go to focus on my healing journey, I am slowly and gradually finding myself again and beginning to live a functional life.

    How will this treatment impact Heather's life?

    Shannan's work has been helping me tremendously to manage my anxiety and stress - through her service, my energy levels have been stabilizing and I am becoming much more capable of managing day to day activities. I believe that with ongoing treatment, I will be able to get to a place where taking care of my health is not all consuming and I can make more room for the things that I actually enjoy.

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