Lynne #42 in The Medium Q

Severe PTSD and lung issues, almost died last year with pneumonia
Estimated Funding Date March 3, 2021
Megan Waddy, Medical Herbalist
Wellness Package
Duncan, BC

$250.00 of $1,000.00 funded

  • Lynne's Story

    I have had lung issues most of my earliest knowledge is having croup at 2 years old (so my mother tells me) and my own memory of pneumonia when i was 6. ... Around the time my father went Missing Feb. 1959. He was found dead thanksgiving weekend that same year. In my early years into my 30s i would have a minimum of 2 week bout of of severe bronchitus in February. When i first became aware of alternative health writings i learned that lung issues are related to grief. In my case this fit. As i began to address the grief issues after a number of years the yearly occurrence bronchitis appeared to cease. I have had various traumatic experiences over the years..... e.g. as a 10/11 year old child a teacher molesting me for over a year when my family lived overseas. I first began to show signs of clinical depression when i was 15. Over the years i had various diagnosis, diverse forms of psychotherapies (individual and group), pharmaceuticals (mostly anti depressants), hospitalizations , and then alternative health. The latter seemed to aid me into balance the most. I was usually labeled with the added phrase of "high functioning". The most accurate of the various diagnosis i have had over the years is Severe Complicated PTSD. This was the 'last' diagnosis...last, because this realm of psychiatry did not really gain mainstream until later in my life...e.g. in my 40s...i am now 67. After three failed marriages and developing Chronic Fatigue symptoms in 2002 i began to put my health /healing process first...especially as i wasn't able to work. In 2004, my chronic fatigue symptoms seemed to abate and i moved to a relatively remote Island off the NE coast of Vancouver Island...
    predominately to reduce my stress and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. In 2005 my chronic fatigue symptoms began again so i quite paying jobs. In 2007 i was being triggered so frequently i had to quit my volunteer offerings and i moved into a very solitary life, to get at the roots of my PTSD and to find my own inner process of healing. During this time, because of financial challenges my Dr. supported me to apply for the gov't funded disability. The forms required so much focus as to my "illness" i did not follow thru....i am triggered by forms and asking me to focus on the intensity of my illness was literally pushing me further into depression. I had a need to focus on my strengths and hope, so i abandoned the process of applying for financial aid. The Island community i lived in and the healing of the natural setting of the Island are what helped me literally to survive. In 2014, my lung issues began again...this time challenged breathing lasted for 6 weeks. And for the years following, it would last a month. Being viral, antibiotics were not appropriate. In 2014, i discovered the group healing modality of Family Systemic Constellations. In 2015 my mother died and left enough money for me to begin again. I signed up for the Family Systemic Constellation training programme with huge results in identifying and shifting PTSD and moved to Cobble Hill for better health care. Last year after a two week bout of lung illness i developed pneumonia. October 1, 2018, with an oxygen saturation read of 82 (90 is dangerous apparently) the Dr. advised me to call an ambulance and get to the hospital. He expressed concern for Respiratory failure. I was 10 days in hospital on various antibiotics, antivirals and oxygen. In November, i called Megan Waddy and began my work with her. Starting with Lungs, and then finding her specialty so incredibly helpful for the physical realm of my PTSD. In this last year my priority has been to build up my body and life force.... Megan Waddy and Family Systemic Constellations have been my major health providers.

    How will this treatment impact Lynne's life?

    Hope the assistance to pay for this service will result in more interaction with Society and allow me to contribute in volunteer work. With $1000.00 going to rent a basement suite it doesn't leave much for food, communication tech, and alternative health care.

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