Christy #56 in The Small Q

ovarian cyst, adrenal fatigue, trauma, anxiety
Estimated Funding Date April 25, 2021
Megan Waddy, Medical Herbalist
Wellness Package
Duncan, BC

$540.00 of $1,000.00 funded

  • Christy's Story

    I'm healing from depletion, adrenal fatigue & prolonged stress due to parenting and deaths.

    How will this treatment impact Christy's life?

    I want to save my ovary from being removed and shrink this cyst. I'm looking for help to restore my adrenals from major depletion, trauma and anxiety from parenting stress and deaths. After 3 incredibly traumatizing years raising my son in his teen years and losing close people to death, my cyst symptoms returned. I had an MRI and the cyst is benign but we are watching it closely so I don't have to get it removed. In my research about the ovaries and their impact on hormonal balance in beyond menopause, I am determined to keep my ovary and replenish my nervous system health.

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