Kaitlyn #47 in The Medium Q

Nutritional Support
Major Depression & Anxiety
Estimated Funding Date March 25, 2021
Megan Waddy, Medical Herbalist
Wellness Package
Duncan, BC

$300.00 of $1,000.00 funded

  • Kaitlyn's Story

    I have struggled with mental health as long as I can remember. My first suicide attempt was at 22 years old. I have had more since then. I have tried many treatment options (medications, counselling, behaviour modification programs, electro-convulsive therapy) - none of which have had a lasting effect. Until recently I was on the path of disappearing into nothing. I had no interests...I didn’t participate in conversations, and stopped eating in a last ditch effort to not exist. In the last year I have found hope, and I am clinging to it and trying to take every opportunity that comes my way. I want to heal & live a happy life for me and everyone that supports me, and be able to give back and support others who are struggling. Thank you for helping me get my life back!

    How will this treatment impact Kaitlyn's life?

    Being able to see Megan regularly would hugely improve the quality of my life. Her treatment and support has enabled me to stay out of hospital, and is the first treatment I have found that has given me hope & started the healing process. Receiving regular treatment would greatly improve my stability and safety and give me the chance to thrive.

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