Paige #57 in The Small Q

Raynaud Syndrome, Bacterial brain infection and yeast overgrowth
Estimated Funding Date April 25, 2021
True Health Canada
Program 5 (Dr. Dean) Nutritional Program
Kelowna, BC

$110.52 of $460.50 funded

  • Paige's Story

    I sent in a letter and perhaps I can attach it? Currently I cannot even put shoes on and we are heading into winter. I would like to get off of the thyroid and reproductive hormones I am on and I know Dr Dean's products can help balance my body. I lost my vision - badly double - when my left eye protruded as well as experienced severe thyroid issues following the surgeries and radiation required to restore my sight. I know the two are connected but Health Canada does not have Doctors who look at the whole body and how it all works together.

    How will this treatment impact Paige's life?

    Hopefully help me to be able to get back to work doing something productive such as developing the PTSD treatment program which incorporates the nutritional components Dr Dean helps with.

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