Devon #47 in The Medium Q

Nutritional Support
Postpartum anxiety and depression
Estimated Funding Date June 4, 2021
Megan Waddy, Medical Herbalist
Wellness Package
Duncan, BC

$300.00 of $1,000.00 funded

  • Devon's Story

    Postpartum depression and anxiety

    How will this treatment impact Devon's life?

    I am currently staying home with my 2 children, a 4 year old son and 7 month old daughter. This service will help treat my postpartum difficulties so that I can function in a positive way and have energy to care for my kids and household. I had postpartum depression with my fist baby which was left untreated and resulted in me not being able to go back to work for several years, a strained relationship with my spouse and a lot of guilt still about how hard those early days of motherhood were for my baby and I as I was not functioning well. I'm hoping this treatment will allow me to enjoy this period with my second baby and provide my children and husband with a mom and wife that is happy and capable of caring for them and running the household to create a loving home. I also hope to be stable enough to return to work so that I can support us financially as well.

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