E C #109 in The Micro Q

chronic fatigue, physical balance, anxiety, heart palpitations
Estimated Funding Date October 6, 2020
Julia Bump Reflexology
60 minutes
Victoria, BC

$29.25 of $75.00 funded

  • E C's Story

    What I now refer to as chronic fatigue became very noticeable in 2014. Now going into the 6th year without any noticeable change, even though my diet is 'clean' and I'm supplementing with tons of vitamins, plants (medicinal mushrooms, asghwaganda, tulsi etc.), tinctures and teas, the more anxious I feel. Recent acupuncture has helped to tonify the meridians but has not yet led to me gaining any significant ground. The heart palpitations I've been having are a more recent thing, probably (according to a physician I saw) because of weight gain that has happened due to my inability to get any kind of a meaningful aerobic workout :( If I have no energy, I cannot even walk long distances without being winded! Financial resources don't stretch far for a pensioner......

    How will this treatment impact E C's life?

    The only thing I know how to do at this stage is to address what's "presenting". Since Reflexology virtually treats and balances the whole body, I'm hoping I can minimize some of my daily/nightly discomfort and increasing anxiety to gain some ground in my wellness!!

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