Abby #59 in The Small Q

Tooth Infection & Pain, Migraines, Anxiety
Estimated Funding Date June 8, 2021
Dr. Elwood Astleford Inc.
Dental Assessment / Treatment
Vernon, BC

$120.00 of $500.00 funded

  • Abby's Story

    My brother is an amazing person, he has persisted through some tough mental health challenges over the last ten years. He was officially diagnosed with a severe psychiatric disorder with an additional co-morbid diagnoses last year. These struggles have lead to an inability to work and reliance on family for support. That is why, when the sudden need for an expensive root canal came up we needed to reach out for help.

    How will this treatment impact Abby's life?

    It will impact my brothers life by saving his tooth and reduce his preoccupation and persistent anxiety about potentially losing his tooth.

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