E C #60 in The Small Q

stamina, balance,
Estimated Funding Date July 4, 2021
Julia Bump Reflexology
5 healing sessions
Victoria, BC

$175.50 of $450.00 funded

  • E C's Story

    About 6 years ago, my normally robust health took a serious turn. Since then, I have experienced fatigue like I've never before known, even after a good night's sleep! I am pretty much at my 'wit's end' knowing how to turn things around. I'm hoping this will be beneficial and help me regain some stamina and energy! it's really awful having no strength or energy day after day after day!

    How will this treatment impact E C's life?

    Reflexology sessions treat the entire body. I am Praying this will help me 'turn the corner' on 6 years of chronic fatigue and a generally totally depleted immune system.

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