Ivy #55 in The Medium Q

PTSD, Anxiety
Estimated Funding Date October 25, 2021
Megan Waddy, Medical Herbalist
Wellness Package
Duncan, BC

$400.00 of $1,000.00 funded

  • Ivy's Story

    I grew up in a home with severe and regular violence, and was often kept in unsafe situations, I have parts of my life where I still have no memory following certain events. This lead me to making a variety of choices that have had long term impacts, including addictions, behaviours and patterns. I experience chronic physical pain, anxiety, flashbacks and go into fight or flight in common living situations. My dad was struggling with homelessness the past 5 years and has been in and out of detox centres and hospitals in Saskatchewan, during this time when triggered I notice myself shutting down, lack of energy, emotional heaviness, addiction. This is along side, working and studying and living in a community. I am dedicated to a healing path and have done much to sooth my soul and spirit through practices and my spiritual devotion. However I am calling in some 1 on1 support, to make some shifts that may be able to bring more balance and ease into my experience and assist me on my path.

    How will this treatment impact Ivy's life?

    I am hoping to achieve more freedom in my daily life,

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