Laura Fully Funded

Floatation Sessions
The Floatation Centre
75-minute Float Session
Halifax, NS

$95.50 of $65.00 funded

  • Laura's Story

    For the last few years I've been hoping to start a small business to combine my background in engineering, art and finance. I'm currently working on a product development project with a jeweller, and if it goes well I'm hoping to start a business offering similar 3D modelling and design services. I've learned to stop setting concrete goals for now though, because I can't start a business until I can reliably rest enough.

    How will this treatment impact Laura's life?

    (*Note: I put today's date to satisfy the form's criteria; I do not currently have a float booked. My ask is for a recurring monthly membership, as it lowers the price from $65 per float to $50 per float.) The magnesium content of the float solution relaxes my muscles and eases my chronic pain more than anything else I've tried. When my body hurts less I'm able to cook and keep my apartment tidy without much outside help, and I'm able to leave the apartment to run errands and to spend time with other people more often. My sleep is typically "non-restorative", meaning I can sleep for 8 hours but it feels like only 2-3 hours. My illnesses make it very easy to become exhausted but still not be able to rest well, causing a cycle where I'm too unwell to fully care for myself. Sleep is far easier and more restful than usual for the few weeks following a float, so regular floats should ensure I never go more than a week with poor quality sleep.

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