Cari #12 in The Small Q

Cranio Sacral Therapy
Estimated Funding Date August 4, 2020
Cowichan Valley Craniosacral
Craniosacral Therapy Package 5 Sessions
Duncan, BC

$337.50 of $625.00 funded

  • Cari's Story

    Cranio supports me with my stress and anxiety. I would like m children to also go see Christina - they are also experiencing anxiety, migraines and serious health issues.

    How will this treatment impact Cari's life?

    I am interested in Cranio Sacral work because it works on many levels of the body, mind and spirit. When we are trying to heal and shift layers of our past traumas, The BodyDynamic Cranio work is a powerful and supportive way that healing can take place - I look forward to working with Christina to help support my healing and growth.

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