Heather #64 in The Small Q

Early Childhood Neglect, Emotional Trauma, Self Destructive Patterns
Estimated Funding Date July 4, 2021
Sybille Webb - IBP Therapist
Package of 5 IBP sessions
Duncan, BC

$175.50 of $450.00 funded

  • Heather's Story

    For the last 6 years, my health hit an all time low - I have suffered with severe anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, leaky gut, IBS and autoimmune symptoms. Living with these symptoms have affected my quality of life to the point that I haven't been able to hold a steady job, adequately provide for my family, play with my son or participate in many of the activities that once brought me great joy. Experimenting with diet after diet, I am finding that I can barely eat anything without having some kind of allergic or immune reaction - which makes eating a point of HIGH stress. After finally committing to letting EVERYTHING else go to focus on my healing journey, I am slowly and gradually finding myself again and beginning to live a functional life.

    How will this treatment impact Heather's life?

    Since seeing Sybille, I have experienced drastic improvements in my well being. I have been creating healthier habits, letting go of destructive patterns and addictions, and am much more capable of managing my day to day. This has been one of the most transformative therapies for me and I believe that with ongoing treatment, I will be able to find meaningful work to provide for my family so that we were no longer struggle to cover basic needs, provide the best quality care for my higher/alternative needs son, and begin to actually live up to my potential as a happier and healthy human!

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