Tiffany Fully Funded

Trager Therapies
Anxiety, Polyps in ears tat affects my hearing.
Audrey Mairi Certified Trager Therapist
8 week Aqua Babies Sessions
Victoria, BC

$141.75 of $145.00 funded

  • Tiffany's Story

    We have recently moved to Kamloops with our family, for the improvement of our health. My husband is supporting us and looking for FT work. As a new mom, I want to be able to be the best I can be, and that includes managing my anxiety, as I care for my 5 children - of which several have medical conditions of their own such as Autism and ADHD.

    We love Kamloops and look forward to trying this program and bringing more wellness and calm into our life.

    How will this treatment impact Tiffany's life?

    I am a new mom - and would like to have the opportunity to try this with my new baby! This will allow me and my baby to bond, and have time with just me as I have 4 other children. It will let him learn to self regulate and be comfortable in the water. I love water too, and I will be able to enjoy the water which will help me to be more relaxed and have patience with my children.

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