Folashade #36 in The Large Q

This treament will help my daughter in her maths class achieve her a good grade wheer she is not doing so well at the moment.
Estimated Funding Date August 4, 2021
Oxford Learning / Janet Klassen
50 hrs of Tutoring Sessions
Regina, SK

$1,222.00 of $2,350.00 funded

  • Folashade's Story

    I needed this funding so that I can be able to pay for her tutoring class at oxford learning.
    Financially I will not be able to afford this tutoring for her because of other financial responsibility that I have to attend to.
    Without this tutoring for the maths class she will struggle in maths

    How will this treatment impact Folashade's life?

    This service will enable her to achieve a good grade in her math class.

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