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back and hip muscle pain, spine bone pain, organs, lymphatic system.
Estimated Funding Date October 8, 2020
Myrthe Van Nederveen
Assessment / Treatment
Princeton, BC

$24.00 of $100.00 funded

  • Julia's Story

    I had a terrible car accident in 2015 where our car flipped and rolled off a cliff on the highway in black ice. Since then, ICBC would not cover the costs so the pain and trauma steadily got worse, and the only chiropractor in my town was $90 for 10 minutes, I couldn't afford it.

    Since then, the pain, immobilization and suffering has increased so greatly, that I can no longer stand still, i have to keep moving, trying to sleep is excruciating as I can't lay in bed or turn over with incredible pain, and I can rarely sit for 5 minutes. I live in so much pain, my life has deteriorated greatly, I can no longer do things with my young son, i can't get on the floor to play, i can't sit with him for meals, I eat and walk around the kitchen so as to keep moving; i sleep with pillows between my knees and under my shoulder, use roll on pain balm all over my back twice a day, do the stretches, take pain killers, etc. I feel like i am so hyper vigilant to be extremely cautious not to increase any pain or do a movement to cause more, that I can't even enjoy life anymore. I saw a specialist who did injections in my muscles, and she made it worse, she actually caused my sciatic nerve to get trapped from her injections, but her treatments never brought me relief. I was at a standstill, hating life, not looking forward to the future when an acquaintance mentioned trying Myrthe. I was desperate but very skeptical. I went weekly all year, and now go every 2 weeks, i have had to do without many things people take for granted: movies, netflix, cell phones, money for shopping, clothes, gas to travel, etc.

    We live on a plant based diet to help with the inflammation, and because lentils are cheaper than meat. but I can no longer afford the treatments. I had to take out 2 loans to pay for Myrthe's treatments and the chiropractor just to get through last year. The loans will take year to pay off, and that leave me with no money to pay her this year. But her treatments have steadily improved the quality of my life, i can move more, sit longer and now get about 3 hrs sleep a night, (I was living on 1 hr a night for over a year). I have more movement, and the pain doesn't scream any longer when i stand up from sitting, it still hurts, but before i would cry out in sheer pain. Friends say I am looking better, and not looking so stressed, they could always see the pain in my eyes. I know this will take longer to feel better, but i cannot go without her treatments. When she goes on holiday for a month, I digress and become more "locked up", It seems 2 weeks is the limit now i can go with out a treatment. Also, my lymphatic system is doing better, I have lost weight, and my organs are detoxing. She manipulates the kidney and liver to heal, and has helped me deal with emotional trauma by helping the body to release trauma. I am a skeptical person, but Myrthe's treatments are life saving. I am a single mom, i can live without a husband, but i could not survive without Myrthe. My spine has curved quite a bit after my accident, the vertebrae are always popping out, but when she works on me, my body relaxes so i am not so tense so my spine is not constantly going out.

    How will this treatment impact Julia's life?

    When I started going to Myrthe a year ago, I could barely move anymore. Each week I would arrive in tears from the chronic and debilitating pain of my spine, which then affected headaches, shoulder pain, sciatic nerve pain, etc. My lymphatic system was clogged and my organs were toxic, my glucose levels from diabetes were averaging 11 AIc from stress from the pain.

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