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chronic ongoing debilitating back pain, sciatic, 5 building discs, pancreas for diabetes
Estimated Funding Date November 4, 2020
Myrthe Van Nederveen
Assessment / Treatment
Princeton, BC

$24.00 of $100.00 funded

  • Julia's Story

    I had a severe car accident 5 years ago, car went off cliff, flipped and rolled multiple times. Since then my neck, back and hip have become decreasingly worse, to the point I was bedridden or couldn't sit, or turn my body. The pain was chronic, I tried intra-muscular needles, chiropractic and pain killers. Nothing helped. I was told about Myrthe and skeptically tried her 1.5 yrs ago. I had gone weekly for the first year, and then its been 2-3 weeks in between appts since Nov. She kept my body mobile and helped me with proper stretches and being in tune with my body. She helped my lymph system get going again, and has worked hard on recovering stress in my kidneys and liver. The pain in my back is still bad, but its no longer debilitating with no quality of life. In fact I only need to go 1-2 a month now, instead of weekly. She is worth her weight in gold, I can't speak enough of her Bowen Therapy. I can turn my body again, and sit without screaming in pain again for short periods of time. Each month I see more improvement. As a mother of a little boy, I need my mobility more than anything, and I hated envisioning my future with a life of chronic pain.

    How will this treatment impact Julia's life?

    It makes my life manageable without them I become incapacitated.

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