Melanie Fully Funded

Neurvana Health Naturopathic Clinic
Follow Up Consultation
Calgary, AB

$1,730.00 of $1,400.00 funded

  • Melanie's Story

    I am a single mom of 5 children, very independent and motivated. I am honest and trusting . Integrity is important and I love to learn! I love to learn how to make life better and more enjoyable. I am Indigenous and love to learn about my culture.

    I believe that the universe will provide and I see the good in people.

    I came across Nirvana Health though a seminar! I met a lady locally who was working with me with holistic therapies. She invited me to a the seminar and was very intrigued about how their services may be able to help me.

    How will this treatment impact Melanie's life?

    I have had these symptoms for the last 4 yrs - already had my children and this health change crept up on me. This service will make life so much easier! Every day things are so much harder now, and I still have to do them for myself and my family. I worry about not being there for my children, and so I worry more now. I would feel safer and more confidence in my independence and I wonder what would happen to me and my children. If this is the right assessment and treatments, it will help with my over all feeling of well being.

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