Brittany Fully Funded

Tutoring and improvement in skills for school
Reading, Math - Tutoring and improvement in skills for school
Oxford Learning / Janet Klassen
50 hrs of Tutoring Sessions
Regina, SK

$1,370.50 of $2,350.00 funded

  • Brittany's Story

    My little sister lives with my Dad and had struggled with her reading and math. She has worked with Oxford Learning, but it is expensive, and my Dad and I struggle to afford it for her. I work full-time as well, to help with the costs of raising my sister. She had to stop for the summer, and we would like to be able to help her continue through the school year so that she can improve in school

    How will this treatment impact Brittany's life?

    My sister Hailey has been working with Oxford Learning beefier the summer to help with her math and reading skills.

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