Kate Fully Funded

Massage, meditation
Anxiety & panic attacks and the associated problems: Back, shoulder & chest pain, tension, spasms, shooting pain; TMD.
Blue Star Healing
Prior Approval
Victoria, BC

$290.44 of $291.69 funded

  • Kate 's Story

    I'm a self-employed musician/ artist. I struggle with anxiety daily and it effects my ability to work and live comfortably/ efficiently, which often results in financial hardship and added stress.

    How will this treatment impact Kate 's life?

    It should relieve me of the most painful of my symptoms and calm my anxiety to the point which I may work and live much more comfortably; it will also deepen my body awareness and help me to incorporate/ prioritize stretching and posture between treatments. It will give me a chunk of much needed slow, calm time to gather myself in the midst of my often active and busy life and interacting with/ performing for large groups of people.

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