Carol Fully Funded

GERD. I have been dealing with the doctors for 3 years now. To no avail
B-Well Bowenworks/Melanye Walker
Cardio Screen 30 mins
Nanaimo, BC

$88.00 of $88.00 funded

Carol's Story

Started with chronic back pain. Through the past 3 years I have had ultrasounds, ctscans, gastroscopy and colonoscopy. All they have come up with is GERD and tell me to change how I eat. The pain is like a knot up behind my ribs. My side feels like somethings pinched or plugged up. Dr's said lose weight. I've lost close to 80 pounds in the last year and a half and nothing has changed. I recently came down with positional vertigo. The solution.. they give me pills. Pills that don't work at all. Very hard on my mental health not knowing and being tired of being sore nauseas and dizzy

How will this treatment impact Carol's life?

If we can get the pain and inflammation down, perhaps the vertigo and ear pressure will go away and I will be able to work again.

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