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Naturopathic support
Pain and inflammations.
Anju's Herbals Inc.
Herbal Tinctures
Victoria, BC

$200.00 of $200.00 funded

  • Kevin's Story

    I am a welder by trade. I started coming down with these conditions in my early thirties. I am now 51 and feel aweful. I got in a motor scooter accident at the age of 42 and snapped off my left ACL and have had 2 operations which havent relieved the pain whatsoever. At the age of 25 I threw out my back out and It has never been the same. I have taken a live blood analysis recently and am on an eat right for your blood type program and supplements. So much crap in my blood now that I was diagnosed as a class 5 of 5. I have all the results and I go back in 1 month to see if my blood is any better. Other issues like feeling tired and so forth is a daily event where I dont get out of bed till noon. My lower to middle back is in constant pain and annoying to say the least because the blood flow and inflamation.

    I was also requesting if there is a possibility on assisting me for massage therapy and live blood analysis as well and the cell phone plan.

    How will this treatment impact Kevin's life?

    It will allow me to receive proper treatment which I can afford that shall remedy my ongoing problems with constant pain and not just mask the symptoms. I have tried Anjus tinctures and they seem to be assisting me in my pain and inflamation as well as heavy metal deposits.

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    Kevin Middleton

    ★★★★★ — 5 Stars

    He has trouble with drinking and back pain. He has been trying yoga and exercising but Anju helps more.
    The Tinctures Anju creates for him, helps to calm him down and his desire to drink dies right down and he is able to stay sober. He also finds his body pain is so relieved that he looks forward to continuing to work with her. He has a lot of trouble keeping up working as his pain knocks him on his hind end.

    8 months ago