Liz #1 in The Micro Q

General Health and Wellness
Exercise Therapy
Estimated Funding Date April 29, 2020
Audrey Mairi Certified Trager Therapist
Monthly Pass
Victoria, BC

$19.20 of $160.00 funded

  • Liz's Story

    Relocated 7 years ago, and working to recover from a variety of health issues and emotional issues from past situations in my life situation.

    How will this treatment impact Liz's life?

    The NWA has assisted me in accessing more services in the last few months. Continuing with the water treatment, will assist me in keeping my health and active living. General Health and Wellness. I am 74 years old and go 5 days a week to the pool which allows me to do exercises and be active, in the community. I have to swim in the wellness pool which provides a 94F degree salt water cleanses the body and soul and pain disappears for the moments I am in the pool

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