Sandra Fully Funded

Pain Managment
Blocked Intestine, Disordered Eating, Imbalanced Systems, Anxiety, Depression, Migraines, Chronic Pain
Victoria, BC

$17.50 of $175.00 funded

  • Sandra's Story

    I've been suffering with monthly or so three-day bed-ridden migraines for about 27 years. My intestines are blocked without major efforts to force things to move through. I suffer PTSD with major debilitating anxiety and depression from childhood abuse and neglect, and current lack of belonging, family, money and health. I had a spiritual awakening in 2006 and became a healer and healing workshop creator and facilitator before getting rear ended in 2008 and becoming sicker and sicker since. I am continuing to strive for health and self-empowerment so I can feel well enough to teach healing again.

    How will this treatment impact Sandra's life?

    It will kill any parasites and restart my digestive system and rebalance my body systems, allowing homeostasis and forward movement towards health and abundance.

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