Sandra Fully Funded

This service will help restore my gut imbalance, migraines, emotional imbalance, and eating disorder.
Gut imbalance/infection, Migraines, Emotional Imbalance, and Eating Disorder.
Maria Payne Boorman
Extended Follow Up Visit (45 minutes)
Victoria, BC

$150.00 of $150.00 funded

  • Sandra's Story

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    And, I am SOOO very grateful! Thank you!

    How will this treatment impact Sandra's life?

    The two medicines ($80) will start to kill whatever bacterial infection is happening in my gut. The SIBO test ($140) will confirm whether or not the infection is SIBO, and whether or not a long-term restrictive diet and other measures are required. Without this confirmation, sticking to a plan that may or may not work, may not work. A follow up visit ($90) will allow assessment of further medical records I will gather from my M.D., and determine how treatment should continue.

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