Darren Fully Funded

Neuro Optimal Feedback
Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression and Pain
Two Minds Training
Prior Approval
Vancouver, BC

$1,600.00 of $1,600.00 funded

  • Darren's Story

    I was a supervisor at the Vancouver Convention Centre for many years where I was under constant stress. I was working excessive hours and wouldn't sleep for days. I developed a couple of bulging disks and Type 2 diabetes which has now become Type 1 diabetes.
    With the treatments I've had with TwoMinds, I've experienced a tremendous improvement. Physical pain goes way down as well as inflammation. I need considerably less insulin to get my blood sugar into normal levels, my eyesight improves and I get a solid nights sleep.

    How will this treatment impact Darren's life?

    Training has allowed me to sleep properly, focus on my work and even help control my blood sugar.

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    Darren Mancini

    ★★★★★ — 5 Stars

    Everything was a great experience all around. Working with Mackenzie and Two Minds was really good. This has been Life Changing, I feel like it has turned me completely around! I has such horrible anxiety I often had to leave work and now I'm able to manage that much better. I have been able to sleep regularly where that has been a massive issue in the past. It is helping to manage my diabetes, I don't have to take Insulin shot daily anymore.
    I have been recommending everyone I know who struggles with anxiety to go do this kind of work to retrain your brain as a muscle. I have been able to be more social which is a huge step for me. I walk out of their clinic with a goofy smile on my face! I feel like I have so many more opportunities since doing this work.
    I've been telling everyone I come across to try this training as well as how awesome it is to work with the NWA.

    9 months ago